ZOHO Workplace for Startups and Small Business

November 21, 2020Read time:16 min read

Motherhost is known to provide the best web hosting solutions to clients across all industries. Motherhost is one of the most proficient web hosting companies that strive for perfection always, they believe in providing complete value for money to their clients. In one of their latest endeavors, they have affiliate partnered with the Zoho Workplace. This partnership is aimed at simplifying the web hosting environment and achieving perfection in managing business processes. 

We live and operate in a digitized environment where workspaces are evolving. The focus is on operating through a centralized platform, simplifying the file storage system, and streamlining team communication and this is all possible through Zoho Workplace. This partnership will ensure that your work tasks are always uninterrupted whether you are working remotely or from an office space.

Here are the main benefits of the Zoho Marketplace collaboration:

Centralized Dashboard

Zoho workplace enables seamless multitasking through a centralized collaboration dashboard. This dashboard app combines all the workplace apps and provides an integrated view for better management. You can easily customize this collaboration dashboard according to your preferences and be updated on all your activities and tasks always. Your dashboard works completely as per your choices, you can give it your personalized touch by rearranging, removing or adding app widgets and you can also create custom widgets through the existing ones. You have the complete freedom and control over your dashboard.

One of the best things about this dashboard is that it syncs the data in real time and thus it simplifies the management of data and tasks. All that you need, emails, chats, notifications, announcements and everything else can be viewed in the dashboard in real time, therefore you don’t miss out on anything.

Highlights of this feature:

  • Collaborated notification view
  • Dynamic user profile
  • One unified theme across all sections
  • All apps displayed in the same language
  • Integrated product announcements
  • Quick access to the search feature

Seamless Remote Work Platform

Zoho workplace enables you to work remotely with complete perfection through Zoho workplace. It provides all the tools that you need for improved work-from-home schedules. You get access to communication apps like Cliq, Meeting and Mail along with many other real-time collaboration tools that help you to stay productive and efficient. 

Hosting Online Meetings

Zoho Workplace enables you to have online meetings that can be conducted efficiently and easily. Web conferencing is the need of the time and you need a simplistic platform to host the online meetings. Zoho Meeting ensures the best online experiences and provides complete ease of conducting the online sessions. 

  • Lock meeting feature for securing your online meetings
  • Record your meetings and share them with your colleagues who were unable to join
  • Organize consistent live webinars for engaging your audience

Instant Chat Communication

Irrespective of whether you are miles apart or sitting just across the room, Zoho Workplace provides all the necessary communication channels for ensuring the maximum efficiency of your online meetings. Along with having your online meetings, you get the feature of instant chat as well to ensure that you put your message across in the right away and at the right time. You can make use of the Zoho Cliq feature for instant messaging and connecting with your team. 

  • Efficiently communicate through personal chats, groups and channels
  • Ability to make audio and video calls directly through your chat window
  • Check-in, see who’s away and convey your availability through the remote work tab

Beneficial For Teachers

The seamless remote wok platform provided by Zoho Workplace is especially beneficial to the teachers as they can easily set up the remote classrooms and manage them.  As we all know that all the students and teachers are confined to the remote classrooms in the recent times and what we all need is an online teaching platform that is easy to operate and manage! This is exactly what Zoho Workplace provides! Setting up a remote classroom all by yourself can be difficult, but thanks to Zoho Workplace, you can set up your classroom as per your preferences with just a few simple steps and there! You are online with your students or trainees!

Zoho ShowTime is the platform through which you can set up your classrooms. This platform provides the best features for organizing virtual training sessions for corporations, educational institutions or for any other type of audience. 

Get Work Done Instantly!

Collaborate and get the work done even if you are not together as a team. Real-time collaboration is crucial for maximum efficiency and for completing any task in time. Get effective work done from anywhere in the world! Zoho Workplace provides useful office apps like Sheet, Writer and Show; you can easily create content and team up with your colleagues at the same time. Make all the files easily accessible to all your team mates and colleagues, create Team Folders in WorkDrive (similar to Google Drive), share files easily whenever required and maintain an integrated workspace.

Right Apps At your Disposal Always!

Zoho Workplace ensures that all your work apps are seamlessly integrated and available to you whenever you need them. If you think that you need to quickly video call, chat or set up a meeting with someone, you can do so right away while you are browsing the emails or forums. This can be done directly through the Mail or connect platforms without switching to the Cliq or Meeting features. Zoho Workplace ensures that you stay connected always!

Monitoring All The Workspace Apps

The centralized workspace dashboard provides you the complete overview of all the apps that you are using and it also combines the notifications and announcements. You don’t have to remember anything you left; you will get a view of all your tasks like emails, chats, online meetings, office apps etc. This does not mean that your dashboard will be overloaded with notifications, you can set up the topmost tasks, prioritize your work schedule and get meeting notifications as well.

Mobile Apps

We don’t just work on our PCs; we work on our mobile devices as well. Zoho provides your Workplace on mobile. Doesn’t matter where you are, your Workplace is right with you on your mobile!

You can download the Workplace apps that help you in managing and monitoring your business communications even when you are not on your desk. Zoho Workplace provides you the access to Office Suite apps, Collaboration and Storage apps and Communications apps for working on your mobile. Download the apps that you need to work with and strandline your Workplace on the go.

Why Should You Consider Zoho Workplace?

Zoho Workplace enables you to redefine the way your teams and your organization functions!

Irrespective of the size of your business, Zoho provides you just the right tools to manage your business perfectly irrespective of the location of your team members. Workplace enables you to seamlessly collaborate with your team quickly through any device.

  • Build your team and stay productive.
  • Get all the essential components for your business growth.
  • Master the art of time management and get things done quickly.
  • Get versatile tools that are just right for you and simplify your tasks.
  • Reach your business goals quickly.
  • Access any file type that you need, be it presentations, word file or Excel Sheets.
  • Collaborate in real time with all your documents and presentations. 
  • Track changes and post comments in real time.
  • Facilitate team communication that goes beyond just emails and chats.
  • Work from anywhere you want and from any device.
  • Get writing assistance from ZIA when you work with the writer and sheet apps.
  • Keep your data safe and secured always.

Zoho Apps For Seamless Work Management

  • Zoho One
  • Finance Plus
  • CRM Plus
  • IT Management
  • People Plus
  • Creator Plus
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Help desk
  • IT
  • Customer Solutions
  • BI & Analytics
  • Email & Office 
  • Project management
  • Collaboration

Zoho Workplace is for all business, big and small. It helps you grow! With Zoho Workplace, you are just physically at different locations, but your team is always united!

Zoho Workplace is a trusted platform all over the world! Motherhost aims to provide improvised functionality and efficiency in your business considering the online and remote workspaces in mind. You can go beyond your hosting solutions and streamline your business processes as well. 

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