Affiliate Policy

If you wish to become a registered affiliate of Motherhost, you must agree to the terms and conditions laid out by Motherhost in this document. You are requested to go through this document carefully before you register to become Motherhost’s affiliate. When you sign up for Motherhost’s affiliate program, you convey your acceptance to this agreement and the terms and conditions mentioned here.Motherhost’s affiliate program is created to help you earn income in exchange of referring new web hosting clients to Motherhost.

The terms and conditions of the Affiliate Policy are listed below:

Products Entitled For The Affiliate Commission:

  • Domain Registration
  • Shared Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • SSL Certificate
  • Managed Cloud Servers
  • Google WorkSpace

Products Not Entitled For Affiliate Commission:

  • WHMCS License
  • Control Panel License
  • Smartermail License
  • Plesk License
  • Any Other Paid License


We pay a one-time referral charge to the affiliates for every hosting account referred. A referral is determined when a unique customer first clicks on the unique affiliate tracking link and completes the hosting sign up process within 365 days and is an active customer for 30 days.

The affiliate account should be active during the referral. Note that no affiliate fee will be provided to your affiliate account for any sale that happened before you registered for the affiliate program.

The affiliate commission is sanctioned after completing 30 days from the date of customer purchase. For example, if the client order date is 4-6-2020, the commission will be sanctioned on 4-7-2020.

Motherhost offers ₹ 100 sign up bonus that is credited to your affiliate account. The affiliate can get this bonus when the affiliate earns ₹ 1,000 as commission. Therefore, the first payout will be ₹ 100 (sign up bonus) + ₹ 1,000 (commission).

It is mandatory for the affiliates to earn a minimum of ₹ 1,000 before they start getting the payment.

The payment of the affiliate commission is made on the 15th of every month.

Affiliates are entitled to the commission only if they refer new clients to Motherhost. If any of the existing clients have placed orders through the affiliates, the affiliates will not be entitled to commission and the commission will not be given.

If any of the existing clients renews a hosting package or signs up for any other hosting service, then no commission is given to the affiliates in this situation.

Payment to the affiliates will be made only if the order process is entirely completed. In case the order is cancelled by the client, then the order will be considered as ‘cancelled’ and the affiliates will not receive a commission for this.

Affiliate payment is made through NEFT Bank Transfer and PayPal. For the NEFT transactions, it is important for the affiliates to mention their bank details. The affiliates can send the details to [email protected]

The affiliates are accountable for making sure that all the payee related information is updated in the affiliate system. We are not liable for any lost or stolen payments. It is the responsibility of the affiliate to keep all the information updated that includes email address, postal address, payment information, name or any other individual information that will have an effect on the issuance of a valid payment. Failure in providing the current information might result in not payment of any affiliate fees. If any referral fees are unclaimed or if referral fees are retuned because of invalid or insufficient address information or for any other reasons, such payments will be forfeited.

The affiliates are responsible for ensuring that they can receive the payments. Ensure that your PayPal account or bank can receive the payment.

Affiliates are responsible for any and all taxes, charges, exchange rates, surcharges and any other expenses that are caused for receiving the referral fees. Please verify with your local banking institution or PayPal to know if any of these charges are applicable for your account.

As a result of high volume of credit card frauds and because of the cancellation rates, Motherhost reserves the right to put the referral fees on hold for a time period up to 45 days for verification purpose. Motherhost also reverses the right to deny the referral fees in the following situations:

  • If we are not able to collect the funds.
  • If the order is fraudulent.
  • If the customer cancels the sign up within the initial 30 days.
  • If we come to know that the referral commission was earned incorrectly for any other reason.

Motherhost’s affiliate system calculates the amount of commission along with the total amount that comprises of product/service cost, GST and the payment gateway charges. We will eliminate the GST and payment gateway charges from your affiliate commission amount before processing the payout.

Affiliates can view the status of their commission through the affiliate dashboard. For this, all you have to do is login to your affiliate account.


Referral fees will be reversed in the following situations:

  • It is mandatory for the referrals to have an active hosting account for at least 30 days otherwise the referral fees will be reversed.
  • In case the referrals downgrade their hosting package the fees will be reversed.
  • Referrals that give a charge back or if they are found to be deceitful (using fake/stolen credit cards, false information, selling counterfeit products etc.), in this case the referral fees will be reversed.
  • Referrals that cancel the hosting before you meet the benchmark of ₹ 1,000 minimum payout will be reversed.

Advertising Compliance

Affiliates cannot offer cash back, rewards or any type of incentives for driving traffic or sales through their affiliate links.

Affiliates should not use the traffic that is generated through pay to click, pay to read, banner exchanges, click exchanges, CPV advertising methods, pop-up under, SPAM, purchased traffic or any other similar methods.

Affiliates should not make use of cookie stuffing methods that use the tracking cookie without the user clicking on the affiliate referral link. (For example using a 1×1 pixel iframe).

Affiliates should not bid on or make use of Motherhost company name, trademark, trademark +, or wrongly spelled keywords for a PPC campaign on the internet search engines (Google, Yahoo, ASK, MSN etc.).

Affiliates should not make use of trademarks, trademark +, or wrongly spelled keywords in their domain names.

Affiliates are liable for ensuring that their tracking code is functioning properly before they send the traffic to the Motherhost servers. Any amendment done to the links is completely the responsibility of the affiliate. Referral fees will not be issued for detecting errors that rise because of editing, masking, redirecting or damaging your links.

Affiliates are prohibited for making use of the redirected pages and links for sending a user to our website. For example – You cannot have a PPC link on a search engine that redirects users to our website.

Domain forwarding is not allowed : You should not purchase a domain name and set it directly for forwarding to our website through your affiliate link.

Affiliates should not copy Motherhost website or make sections of it for displaying them on their own website or subdomains.

Affiliates should not get into the advertisement of business-opportunity websites or make use of marketing techniques that attract fraudulent customers or short-term customers, customers that have low retention period and renewal rates.

Affiliates should not use trademark, trademark + or wrongly spelled keywords in their page titles.

Affiliates should not add the Motherhost banners or text links on any website that contains child pornography or adult content.


Motherhost reserves the right to deactivate any affiliate account at any time without any warning or notice. Your affiliate account will be deactivated and your referral fees will be set to 0 in case the affiliate does not comply with the Affiliate terms and policies and with the advertising policy mentioned in this document.

In case of any false or deceiving advertising or in case of a suspected fraudulent activity related to any affiliate account, that affiliate account will be deactivated immediately.

Affiliate accounts that create a huge number of fraudulent accounts will be deactivated.

Affiliates cannot resell hosting services. All the clients should provide their own payment channels and contact information for getting the affiliate referral fees.

In case you want to terminate your affiliate status, all you have to do is remove your affiliate links and stop from promoting them. For accounting reasons, your account and the personal information related to it will not be deleted from our system.


By registering as a Motherhost affiliate, you agree to all the terms and conditions. In case you don’t agree with the terms and conditions, you should not continue the registration process, discontinue your use of the Motherhost affiliate program or deactivate your affiliate account in case you are already a registered affiliate.


Any changes made to the terms and conditions are applicable to the affiliates. You may go through the latest version of the terms and conditions mentioned on the website. Motherhost might modify the terms and conditions completely or in sections at any time, this is Motherhost’s sole desertion. Publishing of the changed terms and conditions document will be done with a notice that lets you know about the changed terms and conditions. Motherhost might choose to opt for other types of notices as well. Your use of the Motherhost affiliate program following the notice signifies the acceptance all the changes made. If you do not agree to the changes made to the terms and conditions, you have the only option of deactivating your affiliate account as mentioned above.

If you want to know more about Motherhost’s affiliate program, you can contact us at – [email protected]

Last Updated : September 19, 2022