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  • Load Balancer

    Distribute incoming network traffic across multiple servers within a data center so that a single device does not carry an entire load.

  • Cloud Firewall

    Our Cloud firewalls are network level firewall with no extra cost that checks incoming and outgoing packets to filter from the access policies block malicious and unwanted traffic. You can create and manage your own virtual instance with your own defined rules in our cloud firewalls.

  • DNS

    A networking system that allows us to connect human-friendly names to unique addresses. In simple words remembering every unique address(IP address) is a tough task. To resolve this issue we point unique addresses to a friendly name(Domain).

cloud server

Managed - Cloud Server

Tier IV Datacenter
Starting at
Rs. 2500/m
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Un Managed - Cloud Server

Tier III Datacenter
Starting at
Rs. 350/m
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MySQL Cloud

Suites for Windows Application
Starting at
Rs. 99/m
MySQL Database


Suites for Windows Application
Starting at
Rs. 250/m
MSSQL Database