Backing Up Data

September 20, 2022Read time:4 min read

Backing Up Data

Depending on your needs, Panel can perform two types of backup:

  • Hosting account configuration. Such backups have small size and are convenient for reverting Panel in case of configuration problems.
  • Hosting account configuration and websites content. This type of backup requires more disk space and system resources as along with Panel configuration it saves the content of all websites. Such full backups are the best way to prevent data loss.

You can perform backup manually at any time, or schedule it on definite time. Say, make the full backup once a day at night time when the number of site visits is minimal. To get the details on scheduling backups, refer to the section Scheduling Backups.

Storing Backups

There are two ways of storing backups in Panel:

  • On a local Panel server. All backup files are stored on your Panel server along with other account content. Note that in this case backup files occupy the disk space provided by your subscription.
  • On a remote FTP server. All backup files are stored on a remote FTP repository. In this case, backup files do not occupy the disk space provided by your subscription. The instructions on how to configure an FTP server parameters in Panel are provided below.

Configuring Panel for Working with an FTP Repository

If you are going to store backup files on an FTP server, you should specify the FTP account credentials that should be used:

  1. Go to the Account tab > Back Up My Account and Websites > Personal FTP Repository Settings.
  2. Specify the following:
    • FTP server’s IP address or host name.
    • Directory on the server where you want to store backup files.
    • Username and password for access to the FTP account.
    • Passive mode option. Switch it on if the Panel experiences problems when connecting to the remote FTP directory.
  3. Click OK.

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