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September 20, 2022Read time:4 min read

A domain with the status “REDEMPTION PERIOD” or “PENDING DELETE RESTORABLE”  has been expired for some time and was not renewed.  When most domains expire they go into a post-expiration grace period that vary by domain type that usually lasts for 40 days.

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Domains which are not renewed during their grace period are partially deleted, after which point the central Registry will hold the domain in the REDEMPTION PERIOD/PENDING DELETE RESTORABLE for 30 days.

Motherhost does not have the contact information associated with this domain since it was deleted.  However, you can see its current status by using a Registry-level WHOIS. (For .COM/.NET domains use , for .ORG domains use, for .INFO domains use

Before the domain expires, attempts are made to email the various contact email addresses on the domain name.  For this reason, it’s important to keep the contact information up to date.  Having valid contact information on the domain was also highlighted in the agreements made when the domain was first registered.  Important information is sent to these contacts, and having an invalid email address or aggressive SPAM filters may prevent delivery of these messages.

The Registry-imposed REDEMPTION PERIOD/PENDING DELETE RESTORABLE state usually lasts for 30 days, and during this period it is still possible to recover a domain in this state.  The domain can only be redeemed by the original owner of the domain as listed on the WHOIS prior to the deletion.

Do not contact the Domain Provider or Motherhost if you are not the original listed owner of the domain.

If you are not the original listed owner of the domain, speak with your favourite Registration company to find out when a REDEMPTION PERIOD/PENDING DELETE RESTORABLE domain will be available for registration.

Redeeming a domain is more time consuming and complicated than if the domain was renewed  during the first 40 days of expiration. The original Domain Provider facilitates its recovery, and so you should contact them to begin this process.

If you are unable to contact your Domain Provider please contact our Support Department and they will determine if your Provider is still in business, and will help you remedy the situation.

Note: At the end of the grace period, some domain names may be sold in an auction system before they enter the redemption period.  If the domain name is sold at auction, it will not be available for re-registration.

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