6 Important Reasons Why You Should Opt For A Static Website

June 07, 2020Read time:8 min read

Static websites have set a new trend in terms of their aesthetics and functional processes. More and more website owners have been opting for a static website because of the simplicity it provides. A static website is defined as a website that has fixed content, these websites are easy to create and they look good as well. A dynamic website has to interact with the database for serving content unlike a static website and therefore a static website is faster.

Here are some of the vital benefits of having a static website:

Speed And Performance

A dynamic website has to communicate with a database to serve the website and in case of a static website, this procedure is not required and this makes it easier to load. A static website is twice as faster as a dynamic website that is built on a CMS. If your static website is hosted on a CDN, it will be served from a location that is closest to the visitor’s location and the website will load quickly.

The most important thing that your visitors expect from your website is that it should be fast and if that happens; your visitors will have a good browsing experience on your website. A static website helps in getting more traffic and retaining the traffic by reducing the website abandonment rate. Instead of having many fancy animations on your website, it is important to ensure that your website provides the necessary information and loads quickly as per the user’s expectations.

Space Required

Static websites can be created with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS and they require very little space. Even a basic web hosting package will be easily able to accommodate a full-fledged static website. You don’t need to lease or own big web hosting servers for managing a static website. A static website with a high amount of traffic will perform efficiently with any standard static web hosting package.

You can easily create a static website according to your preferences through the following websites:

Cost Effectiveness

The business organizations and individual professionals who own static websites save up on the web hosting costs. Even though a static website is made up of many pages, the simplicity of coding and processes requires very less hosting space, and therefore, it becomes more affordable. Even the cost of developing a static website is much cheaper than that of a dynamic website.


Static websites do not need any back-end server-side processing. As a result of this, there are very low possibilities that the database will get compromised. Another reason why static websites are considered safe as compared to the dynamic websites is that they are not dependent on the CMS plugins. APIs and JavaScript are used for managing the functions of a static website and therefore the risk of the website getting hacked is eliminated. On the other hand, dynamic websites are vulnerable to getting hacked as they comprise of multiple content sources and plugins.


You might have come across an error message that says ‘The connection could not be established’ this is one of the most common database errors and it occurs while accessing a dynamic website. A static website loads quickly because of the simplicity with which it is made. Moreover, in the situation where there is an attack on the server, a static website can be quickly redirected to the nearest node, unlike a dynamic website. In case of an attack, a dynamic website will go down for a few hours or until the issue is resolved.

Another important aspect is that you can easily integrate Google forms into your website so that the viewers of your website can contact you easily through the contact form. There is no compromise on the efficiency and functionalities of a static website.


What happens when your website is finally up and running? Handling huge amounts of traffic on a dynamic website can be a tedious task as it needs complex coding and server updates. On the other hand, the basic static websites with HTML files can be scaled up easily by upgrading the bandwidth if required. Upgrading a static website can be done quickly according to the traffic spikes.


It is safe to say that static websites are here to stay and a static design can be used for all kinds of websites. Your website is the foundation of your online business; therefore it has to be sturdy and strong so that it has the capacity to scale your online business to new heights. Any business owner can achieve higher utility and resourcefulness through a static website. If you wish to set up your static website, you only have to register for a domain name and web hosting will be offered for free! Going online is the need of the time, set up your own website, and reach out to a large number of people across the globe!

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