Why We Need To Secure The Website?

August 06, 2019Read time:6 min read

Why We Need To Secure The Website?

According to an article published on Cybint News on December 3, 2018, approximately ninety-five percent of cybercrime records belong to Government, retail, and technology sectors in 2016 and approximately 230,000 malware or virus samples are released on a daily basis. Businesses need to make sure that their information their customer’s information stays secure on the web through SSL Certificates such that cyber-criminals and hackers cannot access sensitive information. 

  • How To Secure Websites:

Therefore it is important for every business to acquire an SSL certificate and a LetsEncrypt certificate so that there is no risk of spread and increase of malware, there are no attacks on other websites or networks or other IT infrastructures. If the hacker’s attempt is successful then it can get very difficult because the attack can spread in many other computers making it tough to find where the attack started.

Even if a commercial web-hosting platform like Plesk is employed to set up a website it is important to get an SSL certificate and a Let’s Encrypt certificates to secure your business and to give your clients peace of mind. 

Spread user awareness so that your customer’s information on the web is a secure-regular back-up of files should be done with regard to the web-hosting.

  • They should use passwords that are not easy to crack, there should be two-factor authorization
  • They should use networks that are secure
  • They should use different email addresses for their personal banking and social media accounts
  • They should not share their email address online

Motherhost provides an SSL certificate to ensure the security of its clients.

  • Confirmation of a “Not Secure” Website:

If a website is not secure then the URL address will not include an S to HTTP. If that is the case then definitely the website is not secure and does not have an SSL certificate. When the URL address starts with HTTPS then it means that the website is secure.

Security warnings are also given as if you get onto chrome and type a URL which is HTTP, it will mention “Not Secure” on the page.

If you use Google, you can click the information button and if the site is not secure it will say, “Your connection to this site is not secure”.

Most websites like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, show some kind of warning sign if the website is not secure. 

The only way to assure that your website is secure is by acquiring an SSL certificate and LetsEncrypt certificate for the entire site and not just for specific pages. This will ensure that your customers are safe and your reputation does not suffer. 

Even web-hosting platforms should take the necessary steps to secure the websites that they set up. Neither personal information or business information should become public because it is very unsafe and unethical. It is vital to keep sensitive information secure. It will give a boost to your website and user experience will be good because users will trust in your website.  

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