E-Mail Ports for POP3, IMAP and SMTP

September 20, 2022Read time:less than a minute read
Our mail servers support connections over the following ports.

ProtocolSecurity SettingPort Number(s)
SMTP (sending mail)Encrypted – TLS/STARTTLS465
SMTP (sending mail)Encrypted – SSL465
SMTP (sending mail)Unencrypted25* (or 26)
POP3 (receiving mail)Encrypted – TLS995
POP3 (receiving mail)Encrypted – SSL995
POP3 (receiving mail)Unencrypted110
IMAP (receiving mail)Encrypted – TLS993
IMAP (receiving mail)Encrypted – SSL993
IMAP (receiving mail)Unencrypted143

Many ISPs block unauthenticated email sending on port 25. It is recommended you always enable SMTP Authentication and avoid using port 25 (e.g. by enabling TLS/SSL).

The recommended settings are marked in bold.

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