Do we really require Unlimited Hosting?

August 06, 2019Read time:6 min read

Do we really require Unlimited Hosting?

Web hosting companies manage and technically help individuals to set up websites. These websites consist of blogging or social media applications. In the next 14 years, it is expected that web hosting will be approximately a $20 million dollar industry, with an expected growth rate of an approximate of $154 billion in the upcoming 4 years. Some hosting companies also provide unlimited shared hosting.

In attempts to attract clients most of the web hosting providers, tag their offers with the word “unlimited” but this really is not the case.

Hosting companies do not misguide their clients, under the tag of unlimited hosting they aim at offering the top-notch quality of services at the most budget-friendly rates, but not necessarily unlimited services. So, thoroughly check out the offers and plans before to comprehending the true meaning of unlimited.

  • Meaning of unlimited shared hosting

It can be clearly seen on the TOS page of different hosting providers that they have their individual definition of the word “unlimited”. Mostly the definitions remain underexplained. 

Generally, the TOS specifies that you will surely derive premium benefits from the resourced of the server. The limitation only comes along with the CPU interrogation, consumption of RAM, the proportion of MySQL database, inodes and while accessing FTP.

Check out and comprehend the code of conduct and terms of the hosting provider you are signing up for.

  • Is unlimited shared hosting really conceivable?

Hosting providers are able to offer their customers with such kinds of services by procuring a massive proportion of computer servers, putting them into appropriate performant bandwidth pipes and employing enough employees to look after their customer care services effectively. 

Do keep in mind that there are some websites that make use of small quantities of resources for performing routine functions, hosting providers offers of their hosting services to a larger proportion of clients than it actually addresses so that their resources are properly used.

It may be seen deceitful to you but this is the only trick that the web hosting providers use to serve their clients with unlimited hosting at such budget-friendly prices and their services come up to work pretty well.

  • Is taking up an unlimited shared hosting plan is beneficial?

There is no harm in opting for an unlimited hosting offer considering that it serves you with all the properties you require to make your website function swiftly. The quality of services provided by hosting providers is solely based on the proportion of element employed along with bandwidth and disk storage capacity.

Usually, hosting providers make use of the term “unlimited” to attract potential clients. In case your website does not require a lot of resources, so instead of jabbing on this fact, you should make a list of characteristics that your website requires. Before you take up any decision do consider the following:

  • Responsiveness of their customer care services.
  • Hidden cost.
  • Permissions for uploading files through FTP

These will help you to take a smart decision.

  • Final word

By showcasing their services unlimited hosting companies mostly mean offering premium quality of services at the most reasonable prices. Motherhost provides multi-domain hosting and Windows shared hosting for its domain owners in terms of unlimited shared hosting.

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