Do You Still Use FTP In Shared Hosting?

August 06, 2019Read time:8 min read

Do You Still Use FTP In Shared Hosting?

According to an article published on IT ProPortal, one of the German web-hosting companies known as ‘1&1IONOS’ claims to provide connectivity of an approximate 300 gigabytes per second, along with features of geo-redundancy, a complimentary web design, and constant customer support of twenty-four hours throughout the week.

Shared hosting is when many websites use a single server. However, it has its limitations, like one cannot use server resources. There is a limit on using them. However, it is an advantage when you want to build your very first website because it is cost-effective. It is very important to go with a company you trust, though. It was predicted that, in 2018, all over the world, the market for shared hosting would reach an approximate of 18.7 billion dollars.

  • Advantages Of FTP In Shared Hosting

Files can be transferred at a minimal cost

Up gradation of hosting package can be done when files become big

  • Disadvantages Of FTP In Shared Hosting

When you transfer files the load time in shared hosting can be a lot slower than in dedicated servers

Since many websites use the same server it can get overburdened

Your neighbors on the server might pose to be a risk to your site

  • Advantages Of GitHub

If changes have to be made to a file that is associated with a project which is stored in the repository, then the whole repository can be copied to your neighbor are made to the file and then you “check-in” the changes to the main server, therefore you don’t need to connect to the main server every time that you need to make a change.  

Bitbucket is a web- hosting service owned by Atlassian and uses GitHub codes for code sourcing as well as projects which concentrate on development.

  • Disadvantages of GitHub

The main disadvantages of the Github are the security and the pricing done for its users. There have been many security breaches which have been observed and is constantly a target of being hacked. And the next limitation is the pricing of the coding facility. This is because most organizations have their own Git codes.

Shared extensions enable the website to be shared with other sites or devices.

Plesk extension: A Plesk extension is an acting FTP server when users access FTP client for accessing directories on the server.

It provides

  • Server access in an authorized manner
  • To enable work collaboration and user account provision in multiples
  • FTP access in an anonymous manner

Motherhost provides Windows shared hosting, web hosting, as well as reseller hosting for users. The setup is done immediately after the payment, hence, eliminating the waiting time.

Hence, it can be put up that FTP is used in shared hosting rather than GitHub. And this is because of easier backup and securing of the facility and reasonable pricing for its variant users. Further, the use of Git codes are limited to a few companies and organizations as compared to its demand.

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